Information Society: A Fundamental Concept or a Trendy Keyword
Viktorija Žilinskaitė-Vytienė
Dalia Čiupailaitė
Kęstas Kirtiklis
Published 2017-01-03


information society
sociology of science
critical theory
Web of Science DB

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Žilinskaitė-Vytienė V., Čiupailaitė D. and Kirtiklis K. (2017) “Information Society: A Fundamental Concept or a Trendy Keyword”, Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas, 38(1), pp. 97-116. doi: 10.15388/SocMintVei.2016.1.10312.


This article is a metatheoretical research of the foundations of information society studies. The research focuses on the most cited articles on the topic of information society from sociology and communication studies, published in the international Web of Science database. After analysing the methods by which information society is conceptualised, the contexts of where this keyword appears and the functions that it performs, the authors conclude that the most important debate in the field is neither theoretical or meth­odological, but rather normative – i.e., between the enthusiasts of information society as progressive social development and its adversaries – the exponents of critical theory. This leads to a conclusion that informa­tion society studies rather embody trends of political and public discourse than scholarly interests.


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