No. 15 (2021): Taikomoji kalbotyra

No. 15 (2021)

Taikomoji kalbotyra
Published 2021-06-04

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Meilutė Ramonienė
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Swietłana Niewzorowa
The Semantic and Syntactic Evolution of Conjunctions in French: The Case of ains
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Shimeen-Khan Chady
From connectors to extension particles, the meaning of sipa ki in Mauritian Creole
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Rose Sene
The Socio-historical Factor Behind Change in Meaning: The Case of Old French
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Hicham Mahtane
French Lexical Innovation in Moroccan Mediated Interactions
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Irina Kalinina
Meaning Construction for Biodynamic Osteopathy Terms in Translation Practice
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Joanna Górnikiewicz
Independent Infinitive in Directive Speech Acts for Direct Communication in the Polish Language and Its Equivalents in the French Language
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Said-Belarbi Djelloul
Technical Writing as Tralanguage in Favor of a Translation and Productemiccompetence of the Word
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Natalia Loseva | Liudmila Metelskaya
French for Learners in Hesitation Between Mother Tongue and English
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Vitalija Kazlauskienė
Nomino-Adjectival Collocation in Written Production of L2 French
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