Better Regulation Impact on EU Law-Making
Problems of Law
Giorgio Gallizioli
Free researcher at Nanterre Network, Belgium
Published 2020-04-05


EU Institution
EU law-making process
the draft of legislative proposals
better regulation
the Regulatory Scrutiny Board
public consultations
the European citizens’ initiative
the erosion of the right of initiating legislation

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Gallizioli G. (2020) “Better Regulation Impact on EU Law-Making”, Teisė, 1140, pp. 169-183. doi: 10.15388/Teise.2020.114.13.


This paper aims to analyse these new rules introduced by the EC. The purpose is to evaluate whether or not these changes have altered the original institutional design significantly and to assess its impact on the “Community method”, in other words on the EC prerogative to initiate the law-making machinery.

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