Vol 114 (2020): Teisė

Vol 114 (2020)

Published 2020-04-05

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Ilona Michailovič
The Importance of Changing Abusive Behavior to Prevent Domestic Violence
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Audrius Juozapavičius
“Special Witness” – Between a Witness and Suspect
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Dovilė Pūraitė-Andrikienė
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lithuanian Individual Constitutional Complaint Model
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Martynas Dobrovolskis
Ultima ratio Principle in the Criminalization of Tax Evasion
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Olga Shevchenko
Connected Automated Driving: Civil Liability Regulation in the European Union
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Problems of Law

Mykhailo Mykiievych | Iryna Ivanochko
Judicial and Legal Reform as an Element of Implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the Field of Justice
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Hanna Shafalovich
Challenges to Law in the Era of Digitization (on the Example of the Republic of Belarus)
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Gaetano Di Martino
People with Disabilities, Self-Determination and Very Personal Acts
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Marta Monterroso Rosas
Planning the Future of a Disabled Person: Civil Law Solutions?
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Inês Pereira de Sousa
The Rule of Law Crisis in the European Union: From Portugal to Poland (and Beyond)
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Denys Korol
The Value of the Case for the Applicant: A Criterion for the Differentiation of Case Proceedings or of Access to Justice?
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Oleksandra Korol
Abuse of Procedural Rights Prevention as an Element of Judge and Parties Cooperation Principle in Civil Procedure
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Giorgio Gallizioli
Better Regulation Impact on EU Law-Making
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