Vol 111 (2019): Teisė

Vol 111 (2019)

Published 2019-05-20

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Gintaras Švedas
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Mindaugas Maksimaitis
Five Decades of Occupation in the Light of Centennial Lithuanian Law Development
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Gintautas Sakalauskas
Pädophilie als eine Krankheit und als ein Anreiz für ein kriminelles Verhalten
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Deividas Soloveičik | Karolis Šimanskis
The Concept of Conflict of Interest in Lithuanian and EU Public Procurement Law and the Case-Law
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Laura Paškevičienė
Pre-Trial Resolution of Administrative Disputes in Lithuania: the Problematics of Legal Interpretation
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Viktorija Budreckienė
Punitive Agreed Payments for Non – Performance and Other Exorbitant Payments Having Close Nature in Lithuanian Contract Law
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Olga Shevchenko
Motor Third Party Liability after CJEU Interpretation of the Directive 103/2009/EC in Vnuk Judgment
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Viltė Kristina Steponėnaitė
Targeted Financial Sanctions of the United Nations: Status Quo in the Context of the Right to Fair Trial
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Gabrielė Taminskaitė
The evolution of social (welfare) state model and its influence on the social security of France
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Laurynas Totoraitis
Provision of Specialised Services under Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 of the Parliament and of the Council
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Asta Tūbaitė-Stalauskienė
Small Satellites: National Regulatory Challenges
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Miglė Žukauskaitė
Enforcement of Mediated Settlement Agreements
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Gintaras Švedas
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