Normativity of Scientific Laws (II): Aspects of Implicit Normativity
Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Ave Mets
University of Tartu
Published 2018-10-25


laws of nature, normativity, implicit normativity, techno-scientific world picture, technology

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Mets, A. (2018) “Normativity of Scientific Laws (II): Aspects of Implicit Normativity”, Problemos, 94, pp. 49-60. doi: 10.15388/Problemos.2018.0.0.11994.


[full article, abstract in English; only abstract in Lithuanian]

In Normativity of Scientific Laws (I) (Mets 2018) explicit and implicit normativities were discerned and it was shown, following Joseph Rouse, that scientific laws implicitly harbour what Alchourrón and Bulygin imply to be the core of normativity. Here I develop this claim by discerning six aspects of implicit normativity in scientific laws: (1a) general and (1b) special conceptual normativity, concerning analytical thinking and special scientific terminologies; (2a) theoretical and (2b) material epistemic normativity, concerning mathematical and experimental accountability of the world; (3a) narrow and (3b) broad practical normativity, concerning technologies in both narrower and broader senses.

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