How Artistic Research Can Assist in Answering Audience Engagement Questions?
Ramunė Balevičiūtė
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Milda Sokolovaitė
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Published 2018-12-20


audience engagement
artistic research
aesthetics of performativity
live art

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Balevičiūtė R., & Sokolovaitė M. (2018). How Artistic Research Can Assist in Answering Audience Engagement Questions?. Information & Media, (84), 4.


[full article and abstract in Lithuanian; abstract in English]

There is an increasing interest in audience engagement and the possibilities of its research in contemporary performance practice. One of the possibilities that can be used in conducting such a study is a practice-led type of research, commonly known as artistic research. The distinguishing quality of this type of research, which has been finding its place in academia throughout the last few decades, is that it uses artistic practice to generate new knowl­edge. This article analyzes the possibilities of such research from the point of view of the aesthetics of performativity, which focuses on works that explore audience engagement rather than representation. While analyzing examples of performance and theater art works, it tackles the issue of how artistic research can assist in answering audience engagement questions.

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