Analysis of Fast Fourier Transformations algorithm for CUDA Architecture
Beatričė Andziulienė
Klaipėdos universitetas
Evaldas Žulkas
Klaipėdos universitetas
Audrius Kuprinavičius
Klaipėdos universitetas
Published 2012-12-20


general purpose GPU algorithms

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Andziulienė B., Žulkas E. and Kuprinavičius A. (2012) “Analysis of Fast Fourier Transformations algorithm for CUDA Architecture”, Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys, 53(B), pp. 254–259. doi: 10.15388/LMR.B.2012.46.


In this work Fast Fourier transformation algorithm for general purpose graphics processing unit processing (GPGPU) is discussed. Algorithm structure and individual stages performance were analysed. With performance analysis method algorithm distribution and data allocation possibilities were determined, depending on algorithm stages execution speed and algorithm structure. Ratio between CPU and GPU execution during Fast Fourier transform signal processing was determined using computer-generated data with frequency. When adopting CPU code for CUDA execution, it not becomes more complex, even if stream procesor parallelization and data transfering algorith stages are considered. But central processing unit serial execution).

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