The Development of Handicraft Teaching Methods
Asta Širiakovienė
Published 2001-12-20


teaching methods
active learning methods.

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Širiakovienė A. (2001) “The Development of Handicraft Teaching Methods”, Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia, 80, pp. 45-50. doi: 10.15388/ActPaed.2001.08.9510.


In Lithuania handicraft teaching methods were studied by the following scholars: V. Mikėnas, A Vaičiulienė, J. Jasaitis, A Zybartas, J. Galkauskas, V. Šidlauskienė, L. Statauskienė anei other. The goal of today's school is to provide all–round education. Therefore, a teacher chooses such teaching methods that are best suited to achieve goals and tasks. Discussion, the method of out-of-school activities, questionnaire and teaching in groups are new and effective methods of handicraft teaching. The application of the new methods stimulates independent thinking and closer connections between a teacher and a pupil. In such a way, the pupil can reveal his personality. With respect to teaching methods, not all methods are equally valuable and objective. A teacher of handicraft has to choose the teaching methods keeping in mind the difference in pupils’ abilities and skills, cultural experience and education in various areas.
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