Vol 73 (2019): Knygotyra

Vol 73 (2019)

Published 2020-01-13

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Aušra Navickienė
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Aušra Navickienė
Pokalbis su ilgamečiu „Knygotyros“ redaktoriumi akademiku Domu Kaunu
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Aušra Navickienė
Interview with Longterm Editor-in-Chief of Knygotyra, Professor Domas Kaunas (Full Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences)
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Ina Kažuro
Vilnius Printers’ Ornaments in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century as a Source of the History of the Books
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Kšištof Tolkačevski
Act of Vandalism or Memory Communication? Some Thoughts on Polish-Lithuanian Graffiti Writing Tradition
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Anna Sylwia Czyż
The Symbolic and Propaganda Message of the Heraldic Programmes in Two 17th-Century Marriage Prints (Epithalamia) of the Pacas Family
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Ona Aleknavičienė
The Personal Archive of Martin Ludwig Rhesa: A Reconstruction
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Ilkka Mäkinen
Diffusion of the Discourse on Love of Reading in Europe from the 18th till the 20th Century
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Aušra Navickienė
Eduardas Volteris and the Institutionalization of Book Science in the Early 20th Century
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Aile Möldre
Translations of Non-Russian Soviet Literature in the Estonian Book Production (1940s-1980s)
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Iryna Tiurmenko | Liudmyla Bozhuk
An Archivist and a Records Manager: Professional Education in Ukraine (Case study of the National Aviation University)
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Liucija Citavičiūtė
Images of Klaipėda: Paintings Traveling across the Flow of Time
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Jolanta Dapkievicz
On Ina Kažuro’s Successfully Defended Dissertation about the Vilnius Basilian Monastery Printing House
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