Vol. 80 (2023): Knygotyra

Vol. 80 (2023)

Published 2023-07-18

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Aušra Navickienė
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Aušra Navickienė
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Aušra Navickienė
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James Raven
Can there be a Biography of a Book?: Comparative Observations on Publications by Francysk Skaryna and Erik Pontoppidan
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Olga Shutova
“And he wept over Jerusalem”: On possible sources of Francysk Skaryna’s engra¬ving of prophet Jeremiah in Bivlia Ruska
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Marina Čistiakova
New Versions of the Sermons from the Pandects of Antiochus in the Church Slavonic Prologue
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Maria Korogodina
The reference apparatus in the bible of Matthew the tenth (1502–1507)
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Dariusz Chemperek
Brest Catechism (1553). The Confesional and Cultural Background of the First Publication of the Printing House in Brest
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Jerzy Ostapczuk
Menologia of cyrillic early printed liturgical tetraevangelia issued in Vilnius
Abstract views 35 | Article downloads (PDF) 81
Wojciech Kordyzon
Production of Vernacular Catechisms in Early Modern Königsberg (1545–1575), Its Dynamics and Goals Defined by the Print Agents
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Grażyna Jurkowlaniec
Repurchased, Ordered, Inherited: The Origins of Woodcut Blocks in the Königsberg Printing House of Hans Daubmann and His Heirs
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Mariya Polimirova
Vilnius Editions from the End of the 16th and the Beginning of the 17th Century in Bulgaria
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Nijolė Bliūdžiuvienė
The Commemorative Activities of Francysk Skaryna in Lithuania 1990–2022
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