Perianal abscesses caused by an ingested foreign body long time ago: case report
Clinical Practice
Andrej Kolosov
Valdemaras Jotautas
Kęstutis Strupas
Published 2016-04-27


foreign body
surgical treatment

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Kolosov A, Jotautas V, Strupas K. Perianal abscesses caused by an ingested foreign body long time ago: case report. LS [Internet]. 2016Apr.27 [cited 2022Nov.28];15(1):28-1. Available from:


Abscesses and fistulas are common findings of the perianal space in surgery. In most cases, they are cryptogenic, though can be caused by other pathological events. It could be an impaction of a foreign body. While retrogradally inserted artefact immediately causes pain, an ingested foreign body can persist in an organism a long time before the significant symptoms appear. A rare clinical case: 42-years-old female presented to Vilnius University Hospital “Santariškių klinikos“ with chronic pain and discomfort in a sacrococcygeal region due to a purulent wound after pilonidal sinus abscessotomy performed 7 months ago. Following thorough examination – a wide local excision of the perianal tissue was performed. Abscesses and both fistula canals which were found during examination were removed. During the operation, dental bur was found inside one of the abscesses – predominantly causing the infection. Ingested foreign body may persist in an organism undetected for a considerable period of time. When impacted into perianal space it causes infection of soft tissue. Carefully collected medical history could help consider this cause even though no fistulas in ano are found.


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