Logical Negation and Biological Death
Jurijus Radovičius
Published 1999-09-29

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Radovičius J. (1999) “Logical Negation and Biological Death”, Problemos, 550, pp. 110-117. doi: 10.15388/Problemos.1999.55.6878.


Postmodernist philosophy dissolves the concept of objective reality and by this also the concept of objective ethical obligation. Parmenides introduced an absolute difference between outer world and transcendent ideal being. This method of an absolute formal logical negation was repeated by Epicurus in his discrimination between “we” and “death”. Both object and subject as well as verges between them are flexible and may be subjective. The only absolute and objective difference is the opposition between our existence and non-existence. Formal logical negation along with the whole science was possible only thanks to biological death’s absoluteness. Being is not simply a copula in judgement, as I. Kant thought, it is an autonomous logical projection of our own objective being or non-being. It is in this way that being is a value and “ought” follows from “is”.
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