Satisfaction with the Service of General Practitioners
Vylius Leonavičius
Mindaugas Plieskis
Jadvyga Petrauskienė
Published 2003-07-04


healt care
satisfaction with service
general practicioner–patient relationship

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Leonavičius V., Plieskis M. and Petrauskienė J. (2003) “Satisfaction with the Service of General Practitioners”, Sociologija. Mintis ir veiksmas, 110, pp. 93-101. doi: 10.15388/SocMintVei.2003.1.5932.


The paper discusses the satisfaction with the service of general practitioners (GP) in the primary health care of Kaunas city. The performance of instruction of GP without any questions is the crucial criteria of different biomedical and biopsychosocial pattern of health. Most part of the patients strictly follow the requirements of GP and they are satisfied with service of GP. They interact with GP on the ground of the biomedical pattern of health. On the other hand, some patients didn’t follow the requirements of GP and they are not satisfied with service. We concluded that dissatisfied patients ground their interaction with GP on the biopsychosocial pattern of health. Both patterns reflect to the different types of society. Biomedical pattern characterizes society with strong institutional constraints and biopsychosocial model of interaction is a feature individualistic society.

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