No 14 (2020): Taikomoji kalbotyra

No 14 (2020)

Taikomoji kalbotyra
Published 2020-06-16

Front Matter

Meilutė Ramonienė
Editorial Board and Table of Contents
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Inga Hilbig
Unharmonious early bilingualism in inter-ethnic Lithuanian emigrant families
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Vitalija Kazlauskienė
Actual decomposition of the L2 French noun phrase in the predicate construction in the final written examination
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Vilija Tauraitė
Coverage of the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis in the Media and Relationship of the Coverage to Actual Situation
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Réka Sólyom
Neologisms in Hungarian terms of quality assurance
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Eglė Žurauskaitė
Political TV debates: how to get more power and damage the opponent’s face?
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Violeta Miliun
The Code-Switching on Facebook Profiles of Different Genders: The Case of Šalčininkai District
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Eglė Vaisėtaitė
Irish Lithuanian L1: Vocabulary Size and Signs of Its Attrition
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Eglė Krivickaitė-Leišienė
Impact of Dialect on the Acquisition of Sounds and their Clusters: the Results of a Non-word Repetition Test
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Veronika Girininkaitė
Code-Switching in the Letters of Vilnius University Professors at the End of the 18th century
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Jogilė Teresa Ramonaitė
Can we repeat what we do not say in L2?
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Loreta Vaicekauskienė
The Social Meaning Potential of the Global English Based on Data from Different Communities
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Reviews, opinions, overviews

Loreta Vilkienė | Laura Vilkaitė-Lozdienė | Rita Juknevičienė | Justina Bružaitė-Liseckienė | Kinga Geben | Birutė Ryvitytė
Is it reliable and valid if it is not replicable? On the importance of replicability in quantitative research
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