Passing of Risk in Convention on the International Sale of Goods
Problems of Law
Yunus Emre Ay
Yunus Emre Ay Law Office; Antalya Bar Association
Published 2021-06-21


Passing of Risk
Vienna Convention
Contract of Sale

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Ay Y. E. (2021) “Passing of Risk in Convention on the International Sale of Goods”, Teisė, 1190, pp. 173-180. doi: 10.15388/Teise.2021.119.11.


Passing of risk is an indispensable issue of contract of sale transactions. It determines which party bears the loss or damage of goods. This issue is more important in international commercial transactions than in national contract of sale transactions. Therefore, CISG lays down rules on passing of risk. CISG Articles 66–70 regulate passing of risk provisions. The purpose of this paper is to analyse CISG Articles 66–70.

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