Strength Analysis of Traffic Sign Frame
Technological Sciences
Giedrius Gedrimas
Vilniaus University, Lithuania
Artūras Sabaliauskas
Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija
Published 2021-08-31


traffic sign frame

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Gedrimas G. and Sabaliauskas A. (2021) “Strength Analysis of Traffic Sign Frame”, Jaunųjų mokslininkų darbai, 51(1), pp. 88-93. doi: 10.15388/JMD.2021.8.


Traffic sign frame has to be safe, reliable, and withstand the loads to which it can be exposed during exploitation. This type of product strength is determined by the calculations and tests, which are described in the standards. Prior to the production of a prototype, it is useful to perform strength analysis, using analytical or numerical methods.  The article presents the analysis of the existing frame lightening and the strength of lightened frames, using computer-aided design and analysis programs. The analysis showed that the model of this type of product can be lightened, but not all frames can withstand  the loads.
The paper has been prepared on the basis of G. Gedrimas’ Master Thesis.

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