Artimi įstrigusių pilvo sienos išvaržų gydymo rezultatai
Juozas Stanaitis
Robertas Saltanavičius
Jonas Povilavičius
Algimantas Stašinskas
Published 2010-01-01

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Stanaitis J, Saltanavičius R, Povilavičius J, Stašinskas A. Artimi įstrigusių pilvo sienos išvaržų gydymo rezultatai. LS [Internet]. 2010Jan.1 [cited 2022Nov.26];8(4):0-. Available from:


Juozas Stanaitis, Robertas Saltanavičius, Jonas Povilavičius, Algimantas Stašinskas

Vilniaus universitetas, Vilniaus greitosios pagalbos universitetinė ligoninė,
Šiltnamių g. 29, LT-04130 Vilnius
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Įstrigusios išvaržos gydymo rezultatai nėra patenkinami. Jie daugiausia priklauso nuo laiku atliktos diagnostikos ir gydymo. Todėl šiame straipsnyje nutarta apžvelgti ir apibendrinti Vilniaus greitosios pagalbos universitetinės ligoninės įstrigusios išvaržos gydymo dešimties metų rezultatus.

Reikšminiai žodžiai: įstrigusi išvarža, gydymas, rezultatai.

Early results of incarcerated abdominal wall hernia repair

Juozas Stanaitis, Robertas Saltanavičius, Jonas Povilavičius, Algimantas Stašinskas

Vilnius University, Vilnius University Emergency Hospital,
Šiltnamių str. 29, LT-04130 Vilnius, Lithuania

The incarcerated hernia still remains an urgent problem. In the cases of strangulated hernia almost it is important damaging of intraabdominal organs, especially bowels, because it predetermine the course of disease in distance. This article is prospective estimation of treatment results of incarcerated hernias, also complicated with bowel necrosis. According to the data from case history we look over 621 patients had undergone operation because of incarcerated abdominal wall hernias during last ten years. This amount form 1/5 of all patients had operated on due to abdominal wall hernias. All cases are divided up in two groups: incarcerated hernia without damage of bowel (n = 556) and incarcerated hernia with bowel's necrosis (n = 65). Patient's age, duration of illness, localisation of hernia, pathological changing in strangulated bowels, operation's methods, postoperative complications and cause of deaths were taking into consideration. 17 patients had died among 621 were operated on because of incarcerated hernia, the rate of mortality was 2.7 %. There were 10 deaths among 65 patients bowel necrosis had been founded (15.4 %). In other 556 patients group with vital incarcerated organs where hernioplasty were performed deaths had occurred in 7 cases – 1.3 %.

Key words: incarcerated hernia, surgery, results.


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