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Author Guidelines

Type of publications 

Politologija is a peer-reviewed journal promoting debate on political theory, policy and politics across the social sciences – including international studies, international relations, and international political economy. 

Politologija accepts original academic articles that comply with the requirements set for scholarly works of a larger size. The articles should formulate a clear definition of a problem, review the extent to which the problem has been researched and how innovative and relevant it is. Well-founded arguments, analysis, results of the research and conclusions should be presented. References should be presented in accordance with the requirements for scholarly referencing. 

Recommended length of the articles is 40,000-50,000 characters (i.e. approximately 16-25 pages). 

Structure of the articles 

  1. An article must start from a brief introduction of the essence of the article, an abstract of 100-150 words in length. 
  2. Authors should provide most relevant keywords (about 5 – 7 words). 
  3. Authors should not provide any details about their personality (name, surname, name of his/her institution and position etc.) in any part of the text - all this information should be written down in the required fields while submitting article on-line. 
  4. An article must have an unnumbered introduction and conclusions and chapters numbered in Arabic numerals. If necessary, a chapter may be divided into sub-chapters and sections. These should also be numbered using Arabic numerals (1.1., 1.2., etc.). The excessive subdivision is unacceptable. Chapters should include more than one section. 
  5. Tables, figures and diagrams must be inserted in the text where relevant. Annexes and lists of abbreviations may be added to the text if required. If any additional annexes are submitted, they should be placed at the end of the article.  
  6. All literature and other sources used must be specified in footnotes by strictly observing the requirements listed in these guidelines. 
  7. No separate list of references is required.

Text format 

  1. The main text must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing.
  2. Chapter headings must appear in 14-point Times New Roman font, Bold. Section headings – 12-point Times New Roman font, Bold. 
  3. The new paragraph must be indented 1.27 cm, the text must be fully justified. 
  4. Tables must be indicated consecutively by number. The title of the table must appear above the table: Table 1. Times New Roman 12-point Bold
  5. Pictures and diagrams must be indicated consecutively by number starting from the beginning of the article. The title of the figure must appear under the figure. 
  6. Page numbers must be inserted.


The peer review process is initiated only if the manuscript is written in clear and concise English language or edited by a native speaker of English. Papers below the standard of the Journal can be rejected for this reason alone.

References and footnotes 

Footnotes and references should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Footnotes must all be numbered and typed in Times New Roman 10-point font. List of references must be included at the end of the article. In cases when the entry has a DOI number, please write it down.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.