Russian Utopia: old themes, a new perusal
Book reviews
Yulia Govorukhina
Published 2012-04-25



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Govorukhina Y. (2012) “Russian Utopia: old themes, a new perusal”, Respectus Philologicus, 21(26), pp. 246-251. doi: 10.15388/Respectus.2012.26.15495.


Русский проект исправления мира и художественное творчество XIX-XX веков: колл. монография. 2011. Отв. ред. Н. В. КОВТУН. Москва: Флинта; Наука. – 408 с.
Russian project of the world correction and the creative work of the 19th-20th centuries: a collective monograph. Ed. N. V. KOVTUN. 2011

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