Information For Authors
Respectus Philologicus
Information For Authors

Founded in 1999. Provides a platform for different theoretical and thematic approaches to the following humanitarian research fields: linguistic research, issues of literary narratives and contexts, influence of advertising discourse, theory and practice of translation, audiovisual research. More about the journal in About the Journal.

If you want to participate in the journal as a peer-reviewer or an author, please look the About page for the journal's policy in Journal Policy, as well as the requirements for the submissions in Make a Submission.

Papers which are not prepared by the guidelines will be returned to authors unreviewed.

Authors need to register with the journal before submitting or, if already registered, can log in and begin the five-step process.

Authors are kindly asked to register with the journal before submitting or, if already registered, can log in and begin the five-step process. Authors can submit the paper via email directly to journal editor-in-chief as well.

Editorial Evaluation Timeline

We read and evaluate every submission, and we try our best to get back to you quickly. We are mindful of how long it can take to publish a paper, so we work with authors and reviewers to minimise that time. Here’s how long each step in the process usually takes:

  • initial decision to review: 2–3 weeks after submission;
  • review process: 0,5-2 months (may take even longer);
  • anticipated timeframe for suggested revisions after positive reviews: 0,5-1 month (with flexibility if needed);
  • time to publication: depends on a number of submissions; typically 4 months after submission.