Social Network of Faculties According to Student Preferences in Transition to Higher Education
Güneş Mutlu
Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey
Ahmet Mete Çilingirtürk
Marmara University, Turkey
Published 2012-12-20


weighted social networks
adjacency matrix
social network analysis

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Mutlu G. and Çilingirtürk A. M. (2012) “Social Network of Faculties According to Student Preferences in Transition to Higher Education”, Lithuanian Journal of Statistics, 51(1), pp. 51-56. doi: 10.15388/LJS.2012.13905.


In social network analysis, the studies on weighted adjacency matrix of nodes are increasing day by day. In thispaper, a method is proposed by including node properties to neighbourhood matrix, in order to see the structures of weightedadjacency matrix that defines the relationship between the nodes. In accordance with this proposal, the relationship betweenthe faculties of Turkish universities is studied according to student preferences. Weighted adjacency matrix between facultiesis composed based on the frequency of faculty preference of students. By using the properties of faculties, this matrix ismultiplied by the adjacency matrix, calculated by Squared Euclidian Distance. The weighted adjacency matrix of the facultiesis compared with the re-calculated weighted adjacency matrix. It is observed that the relations between faculties are turnedout to be more meaningful in new weighted neighbourhood matrix which is multiplied by Squared Euclidean Distance.
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