Editorial Team
Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control
Editorial Team

Feliksas Ivanauskas
, Vilnius University, Lithuania
scientific computing, nonlinear modelling  feliksas.ivanauskas@mif.vu.lt   

Honorary Editor
Mifodijus Sapagovas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
scientific computing  mifodijus.sapagovas@mii.vu.lt

Romas Baronas
, Vilnius University, Lithuania
nonlinear modelling  romas.baronas@mif.vu.lt

Gintautas Dzemyda, Vilnius University, Lithuania
data mining, optimization  gintautas.dzemyda@mii.vu.lt

Artūras Štikonas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
numerical analysis, nonlocal problems  arturas.stikonas@mif.vu.lt

Editorial Board
Alexander Barashkov
, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia  
numerical analysis

Anjan Biswas, Delaware State University, USA 
optical solitons, nonlinear optics

Jinde Cao, Southeast University, China  
systems dynamics and control

Manuel De la Sen, University of the Basque Country, Spain  
stability of nonlinear systems

Aleksandr Dement'ev, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania 
laser physics

Genaro Infante, University of Calabria, Italy
topological methods for ODEs and PDEs

Paolo Di Trapani, University of Insubria, Italy
nonlinear optics, conical waves

Celso Grebogi, University of Aberdeen, UK 
controlling chaos

Algimantas Juozapavičius, Vilnius University, Lithuania
algorithms, computer vision

Bronislovas Kaulakys, Vilnius University, Lithuania 
chaotic systems

Vytautas Kleiza, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania 
numerical solution of PDEs

Victor Klemas, University of Delaware, USA
remote sensing, environmental modelling

Juozas Kulys, Vilnius University, Lithuania 
nonlinear biochemical systems

Olga Kurasova, Vilnius University, Lithuania 
artificial neural networks

Valdas Laurinavičius, Vilnius University, Lithuania  

Juan Jose Nieto, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain  
nonlinear differential equations

Algis Piskarskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania 
nonlinear optics

Kęstutis Pyragas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania 
dynamical chaos

Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi, Tongji University, China  
analytical methods for ODEs and PDEs

Tautgirdas Ruzgas, Malmö University, Sweden 
nonlinear chemical systems

Gediminas Stepanauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania 
statistical modelling

Irina Svir, École normale supérieure, France 
nonlinear chemical systems

Dariusz Wardowski, University of Lodz, Poland 
nonlinear phenomena

Managing Editor
Dalia Šukvietienė nonlinear@mii.vu.lt