Vol 48 (2021): Lietuvos istorijos studijos

Vol 48 (2021)

Lietuvos istorijos studijos
Published 2021-12-27


Eugenijus Saviščevas
The Palemonids, Gediminids, and Samogitians: Some Remarks on Lithuanistics in the Chronicle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Samogitia
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Monika Šipelytė
Juozas Gabrys and Lithuania at the League of Nations: Press, Business, Politics
Abstract views 167 | Article downloads (PDF) 123 | Article views (HTML) 49
Marius Ėmužis
“Kapsukism” and the “Angarietists”: The Conflict between Leaders of the Communist Party of Lithuania in 1926–1927
Abstract views 111 | Article downloads (PDF) 115 | Article views (HTML) 20
Rugilė Rožėnė
The Modernization of a Historic City as the Construction of a Soviet Utopia: Case of Vilnius
Abstract views 96 | Article downloads (PDF) 133 | Article views (HTML) 23


Odo Marquard| Nerijus Šepetys
On the Unavoidability of the Human Sciences
Abstract views 120 | Article downloads (PDF) 124 | Article views (HTML) 17

Archival Publication


Teodoras Žukas
Great Expectations – Sluggish Performance
Abstract views 184 | Article downloads (PDF) 119 | Article views (HTML) 27