Vol 63 No 2 (2021): Rusistica Vilnensis

Vol 63 No 2 (2021)

Rusistica Vilnensis
Published 2021-11-22

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Elena Proskurina
Harbin and Parisian “Notes”: the Originality of Sound
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Pavel Lavrinec
Alexander Blok in the Russian Environment of Interwar Wilno
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Svetozar Poštić
The Meaning of Memory in Bunin and Hippius
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Maria Mikhailova | Sofya Kudritskaya
Mire’s Interpretation of the Tragic and Paradoxical World of Oscar Wilde
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Veronika Zuseva-Özkan
The Story of Stenka Razin and the Persian Princess in Direct and Inverse Projections: Yevgeny Zamyatin and Anna Barkova
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Vera Kotelevskaya | Maria Matrosova
In Modernist “School for Fools”: The Topics of Writing and Apprenticeship in German and Russian Fiction of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century
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Tatiana Avtukhovich
Alexey Slapovsky vs Fyodor Dostoyevsky, or Life Without Being
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Olga Fedunina
Virgo-Death: from The Little Show-Booth by Alexander Blok to The Mistress of Death and The Lover of Death by Boris Akunin
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Tünde Szabó
Music in the Protagonist’s World, the Protagonist in the World of Music: Liudmila Ulitskaya: The Big Green Tent
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Natalia Kovtun
The Image of the Trickster in the Novel by Vladimir Makanin The Underground, or the Hero of Our Time
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Polina Poberezkina
“There is No End”: Anna Akhmatova’s Unfinished Tragedy Prologue
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Alexander Markov
Meanings of Culture and Books. From “Marriage of Convenience” to Signs of “First Love”
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Birutė Meržvinskaitė
Interpretation of History in the Contemporary Lithuanian Essayistics
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Vitaly Asovsky
My Moscow Time
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Dagnė Beržaitė
Searching for Chekhov and the Others. A Novel by M. Stepnova “The Garden” (2020) (Dagnė Beržaitė)
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Andrei Rastiagaev
II Interregional Forum “The Aksakovs – the Pride of the Motherland” (Samara, November 10–12, 2020) (Andrei Rastiagaev)
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Eleonora Safronova
In Memory of Emilia Kondiurina (Eleonora Safronova)
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