Compound orbits break-up in constituents: An algorithm
Jesús San Martín
Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Antonia González González Gómez
Techical University of Madrid, Spain
María José José Moscoso
Techical University of Madrid, Spain
Daniel Rodriguez-Perez
National Distance Education University, Spain
Published 2015-01-20


visiting order permutation
next visiting permutation
decomposition theorem

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San Martín, J. (trans.) (2015) “Compound orbits break-up in constituents: An algorithm”, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, 20(1), pp. 112–131. doi:10.15388/NA.2015.1.8.


In this paper, decomposition of periodic orbits in bifurcation diagrams are derived in unidimensional dynamics system xn+1=f(xn;r), being f an unimodal function. We prove a theorem, which states the necessary and sufficient conditions for the break-up of compound orbits in their simpler constituents. A corollary to this theorem provides an algorithm for the computation of those orbits. This process closes the theoretical framework initiated in [J. San Martín, M.J. Moscoso, A. González Gómez, Composition law of cardinal ordering permutations, Physica D, 239:1135–1146, 2010. Theorem 2 of present work closes the theoretical frame of composition and decomposition.


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