Visual analysis of self-organizing maps
Pavel Stefanovič
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Olga Kurasova
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Published 2011-12-07


multidimensional data visualization
self-organizing map (SOM)
visualization of SOM
SOM systems

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Stefanovič P. and Kurasova O. (2011) “Visual analysis of self-organizing maps”, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, 16(4), pp. 488-504. doi: 10.15388/NA.16.4.14091.


In the article, an additional visualization of self-organizing maps (SOM) has been investigated. The main objective of self-organizing maps is data clustering and their graphical presentation. Opportunities of SOM visualization in four systems (NeNet, SOM-Toolbox, Databionic ESOM and Viscovery SOMine) have been investigated. Each system has its additional tools for visualizing SOM. A comparative analysis has been made for two data sets: Fisher’s iris data set and the economic indices of the European Union countries. A new SOM system is also introduced and researched. The system has a specific visualization tool. It is missing in other SOM systems. It helps to see the proportion of neurons, corresponding to the data items, belonging to the different classes, and fallen in the same SOM cell.

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