Book Review
Book review
Loreta Poškaitė
Published 2011-01-01

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Poškaitė L. (2011) “Book Review”, Acta Orientalia Vilnensia, 12(2), pp. 125-131. doi: 10.15388/AOV.2011.1.3928.


Vilnius University, Centre of Oriental Studies

Arthur Kleinman, Yunxiang Yan, Jing Jun, Sing Lee, Everett Zhang, Pan Tianshu, Wu Fei, Guo Jinhua.
Deep China. The Moral Life of the Person, What Anthropology and Psychiatry Tell Us about China Today, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2011, pp. 322. ISBN 978-0-520-26945-3 (paperback), $29.95, £19.95

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