Income Inequality and Carbon Emissions in Post-soviet Nations, 1992–2009
Andrew Jorgenson
Juliet Schor
Vincentas Giedraitis
Published 2018-01-31


income inequality
climate change
carbon emissions
ecological economics
environmental sociology
post-Soviet nations

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Jorgenson A., Schor J. and Giedraitis V. (2018) “Income Inequality and Carbon Emissions in Post-soviet Nations, 1992–2009”, Ekonomika, 96(3), pp. 33-43. doi: 10.15388/Ekon.2017.3.11557.


We assess the relationship between national-level income inequality and carbon dioxide emissions for a sample of eleven post-Soviet nations during the 1992 to 2009 period. Our findings suggest that both total and per capita emissions are positively associated with income inequality, measured as a Gini coefficient. These results are consistent with analytical perspectives that highlight how income inequality could lead to increases in carbon emissions as well as recent sociological research on income inequality and emissions for samples of nations in other structural and geographical contexts.


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