E-business Conditions and Perspectives in Lithuanian Enterprises
Vilija Jucevičienė
Lietuvos žemės ūkio universiteto, Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakulteto, Apskaitos ir finansų katedra
Published 2003-12-01

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Jucevičienė, V. (tran.) (2003) “E-business Conditions and Perspectives in Lithuanian Enterprises”, Ekonomika, 61, pp. 49–58. doi:10.15388/Ekon.2003.23208.


The article analyses e-business experience and perspectives in agricultural, trading, service and production enterprises in Lithuania. The analysis of literature sources discusses the e-business concept. e-business partners (business, consumer, administration and employees) and communication among them. It analyses the advantages (cost, customer, competition) and shortcomings of e-business (law, security and cost). The practical research of e-business applications and perspectives (hardware, software, internet and data structures) is based on studies of enterprises in Lithuania during 2002.


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