Ecological Problem: Content, Essence and Preconditions
Česlovas Kalenda
Published 2000-09-29


engineering and technology
ecological crisis
existential (ecological) human fault

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Kalenda Česlovas (2000) “Ecological Problem: Content, Essence and Preconditions”, Problemos, 580, pp. 42-54. doi: 10.15388/Problemos.2000.58.6808.


The article contains discussion of the present-day ecological problem (crisis) as the result brought about by interaction of objective and subjective factors. Taking into consideration an objective (socionatural) point of view, the global ecological crisis is a result of the accumulated contradictions between a human (culture) and nature (biosphere), between technical and technological development and natural evolution. A subjective aspect of origin of the ecological problem (and solution thereof) is being analysed on the metaphysical-ethical plane applying the category of human fault.
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