M. Veller’s “The Great Last Chance”: Russian National Myths, Ideas, and Author’s View on the Problems
Issues of literary narratives and contexts
Oleg Perov
Vilnius University
Published 2015-10-25


National Myth
Code of Civilization
Social Justice

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Perov O. (2015) “M. Veller’s ‘The Great Last Chance’: Russian National Myths, Ideas, and Author’s View on the Problems”, Respectus Philologicus, 28(33A), p. 4. doi: 10.15388/RESPECTUS.2015.28.33A.4.


This article presents the analysis of the main ideas which are reflected in M. Veller’s novel The Great Last Chance. This is not only a reception of a definite country, a version of her historical way, the demonstration of cultural peculiarities, the own code of civilization, people’s traditions and faith, but also an original author’s view on the process of self-identification and logical result, i.e., the national myths and ideas. The main intention is to negotiate, refute many national myths: about complicated and bloody history; about laziness and hard drinking; about the opposition of East and West; about the peace-loving nation; about the underestimation from the other world. The author asserts that the Russian national idea is not liberal: the main basis is a national self-identification, the main traits are social justice and retribution for guilty. The main problems of the country are located in a definite range: from the global to the local (stealing, corruption, negative information field). The principal way to solve these problems is to aspirate to the social justice, labour, and creative works.

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