Vol 12 No 1 (2021): Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies

Vol 12 No 1 (2021)

Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies
Published 2021-05-20

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Andrey Mikhailitchenko
Antecedents and Outcomes of Network Involvement in the Internationalization Process: A Case of SMEs from the USA, China, and Russia
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Hamza Umer | Kashif Ahmed | Muhammad Naumair Jadoon
Individual Investments Biased by the Size of a Foreign Investor: An Experimental Study
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Le Thanh Tung
Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and Price Volatility: Evidence from an Emerging Economy
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Bilal Louail | Djamel Benarous
Relationship between Economic Growth and Unemployment Rates in the Algerian Economy: Application of Okun’s Law during 1991–2019
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Bojan Srbinoski | Klime Poposki | Ksenija Dencic-Mihajlov | Milica Pavlovic
The Economics of the Name Change: Long-term Adjustments towards EU/NATO or Short-term Resolution of Political Uncertainty?
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Ronaldo de Oliveira Santos Jhunior | Gustavo Abib | Fabrício Stocker
Risk Perception in the Internationalization of Brazilian Companies: An Analysis in Different Entry Modes
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Rishika Shankar | Priti Dubey
Indian Stock Market during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Vulnerable or Resilient?: Sectoral analysis
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Vytautas Dikčius | Svetlana Ilciukiene
National or Global? Moderated Mediation Impact of Sports Celebrity Credibility on Consumer’s Purchase Intention
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Arunesh Garg | Pradeep Kumar Gupta | Pritpal Singh Bhullar
Is CSR Expenditure Relevant to the Firms in India?
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Vida Skudiene | Yuhua McCorkle | Denny McCorkle | Daniil Blagoveščenskij
The Quality of Relationship with Stakeholders, Performance Risk and Competitive Advantage in the Hotel, Restaurant and Café Market
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Najm A. Najm | Amany A. H. Alfaqih
Organizational Intelligence and Market Expansion in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies
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