No 38(43) (2020): Respectus Philologicus

No 38(43) (2020)

Respectus Philologicus
Published 2020-10-19

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Linguistic research

Linas Selmistraitis | Renata Boikova
Source Domains of Smell Related Metaphorical Collocations: Study Based on Corpus of Contemporary American English
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Inesa Šeškauskienė
Carrying Across or Pulling down? Understanding Translation through its Metaphors: A Cross-linguistic Perspective
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Vasiliy Glushak | Vilma Kaladytė | Olga Gowin
Modification of Qualia Structures Using Relative Adjectives in Lithuanian, Russian and German
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Jurga Cibulskienė
Cross-linguistic Metaphorical Representation of the #MeToo Movement: Communicating Attitudes
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Joanna Szczęk
The Linguistic Image of the World on the Example of German and Polish Personal Insults with an Animalistic Component
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Daiva Aliūkaitė
Sustainability of Dialecticity in the City: The Perspective of the Emic Narrative Constructor
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Dorota Połowniak-Wawrzonek | Agnieszka Rosińska-Mamej
“Fat Cats on Golden Parachutes” – about an Idiom Derived from the Language of Politics and its Modifications
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Vilma Linkevičiūtė
Expression of Conflict Communication in the Discourse of Presidential Election in Lithuania (2019)
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Issues of literary narratives and contexts

Lilia Miroshnychenko
The Cartography of Love in Doris Lessing’s “love, again”
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Aurelija Mykolaitytė
The Changes of Cultural Memory in a Liquid Modern World
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Skaistė Barkutė
A Poem as a Communiqué: the Communicativeness of Poetry of Onė Baliukonė
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Jelena Korolova | Oksana Kovzele | Ilze Kacane
Paremias of the Latvians and the Russians in Latgale: From the Holy Scripture to Modern Existence
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Aleksej Burov
The Doomsday Scenario Depicted by Frau Ava: The Question of Sources
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Theory and practice of translation

Lindita Tahiri
Lost in Translation: Narrative Perspective Silenced by the Voice of the Translator
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Audiovisual research

Indrė Koverienė | Kristina Čeidaitė
Lip Synchrony of Rounded and Protruded Vowels and Diphthongs in the Lithuanian-Dubbed Animated Film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”
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Beata Głowińska
“The Bravo Boys” Band versus Mozart: the Issue of Cultural Message in Contemporary German Language Textbooks
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Book reviews

Shalva Dzebisashvili
Review of Phillip Ammon’s Book “Georgien zwischen Eigenstaatlichkeit und russischer Okkupation”
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Gabija Bankauskaitė
The Return of the Poetess Gražina Tulauskaitė
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