The Concept of the Development of Property Evaluation System in Lithuania
Albinas Marčinskas
Vilniaus universiteto Vadybos katedra
Birutė Galinienė
Vilniaus universiteto Visuomenės ūkio katedra
Published 1999-12-01

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Marčinskas A. and Galinienė B. (1999) “The Concept of the Development of Property Evaluation System in Lithuania”, Ekonomika, 47, pp. 76–83. doi: 10.15388/Ekon.1999.16605.


the system of property evaluation, though late, has institutionalized in the context of economic development. Because of objective and subjective reasons the system became one which temporarily included unacceptable elements. Western experience has not been taken into proper consideration.

The project of the new system of assessing the qualifications of property evaluators was oriented towards gradual transition to the European model. A four - stage assessment system of property evaluators was established and it became an institutionalised supervisory body which could at the same time fulfil the functions of developing the whole system. However, owing to otirons opportunist behaviour the principles of specialization and education of property evaluators were not legalized. The new system lacks regulations and clear European orientation.

The concept of developing the system of property evaluation can be based on its functionalism and adaptability. This can be achieved through a comprehensive analysis of the system and its environment and the consolidation of property evaluation monitoring. At the same time there must be a definite plan of the development of the system with all the necessary elements in order to ensure that the property evaluators education is informative and psychologically sound. The organizational model of the development under discussion is based on the principles of stage and component comprehensiveness as well as adequacy of lecture diversity and cooperation of trainees.

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