Consumer Decision Model of Intelectual Property Theft in Emerging Markets
Gordana Lalović
University of Ljubljana
Saule Amirebayeva Reardon
University of Northern Colorado
Irena Vida
University of Ljubljana
James Reardon
Monfort College of Business
Published 2012-05-31


intellectual property
digital music piracy
music downloading
emerging markets

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Lalović G., Reardon S. A., Vida I. and Reardon J. (2012) “Consumer Decision Model of Intelectual Property Theft in Emerging Markets”, Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies, 3(1), pp. 58-74. doi: 10.15388/omee.2012.3.1.14275.


The increasing importance of digital piracy has prompted research on the behavioural and economics origins of illegal downloading activities. This research focuses on the potential impact of various economic, psychological and social factors on the consumer decision whether to buy or to steal music in emerging markets. These markets present specific difficulties for owners of intellectual property rights due to the high level of both downloading and ‘sharing’ of digital property. Results indicate impacts of price, downloaded music quality, ease of Internet use, attitudes toward music industry and ethical perception of music downloading on consumer purchase or pirate decision.
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