Vol 10 No 2 (2019): Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies

Vol 10 No 2 (2019)

Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies
Published 2019-12-31


Anton Agus Setyawan | Bernardinus M. Purwanto | Basu Swastha Dharmmesta | Sahid Susilo Nugroho
Relationship Marketing Estimation Model in Emerging Economies: Dyadic Versus Non-dyadic Approach
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Elze Uzdavinyte | Martin Aubel | Justina Gineikienė
It is Domestic, it Must Be Healthy: How Health Consciousness and Consumer Ethnocentrism Shape Healthiness Perception and Purchase Intentions of Domestic Food
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Hasnan Baber
Influence of Religiosity on the Behavior of Buying Sports Apparel: A Study of the Muslim Market Segment in India
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Rasa Pauliene | Karina Sedneva
The Influence of Recommendations in Social Media on Purchase Intentions of Generations Y and Z
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María Teresa de la Garza Carranza | Jorge Armando López-Lemus | Eugenio Guzmán Soria | Delfino Vargas Chanes
The Role of Trust in Mexican Companies in Relation to the Human Factor
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Yee Peng Chow
Sectoral Analysis of the Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure in Malaysia
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Le Duc Hoang | Tran Minh Tuan | Pham Van Tue Nha | Pham Van Tue Nha | Ta Thu Phuong
Impact of Agency Costs on Firm Performance: Evidence from Vietnam
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Srikanth Parthasarathy
Systematic Risk and Accounting Determinants: An Empirical Assessment in the Indian Stock Market
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Namitha K. Cheriyan | Daniel Lazar
Size Effect in Market-wide Liquidity Commonality: Evidence from the Indian Stock Market
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Anh Tho To | Yoshihisa Suzuki | Bao Ngoc Vuong | Quoc Tuan Tran | Khoa Do
Foreign Ownership and Stock Return Volatility in Vietnam: the Destabilizing Role of Firm Size
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Yılmaz Bayar | Ömer Faruk Öztürk
Economic Freedom, Globalization, and the Shadow Economy in the European Union Transition Economies: a Panel Cointegration Analysis
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